FELDER HOUSE ENTERPRISE  -       Presents The Purple Beret Weekend Getaway!

A few good reasons why should children learn Etiquette & Sewing Skills:

- Hand-eye Coordination - Following Instructions - Fine Motor Skills
 -Problem Solving            -Creativity - Respect       -Proper Posture
 -Communication skills   -Building  Self Esteem.
Presents: 2015/16 F.H.  Youth Sewing & Etiquette  Campaign

A  FREE 12 Week Introductory Sewing, Etiquette Course. There is a one-time Registration fee of $25 that will be used to purchase fabric & supplies! The Course will end with a Limo,Etiquette,and Dinner Ceremony Showcasing what your child has learned. It will be held at Mo’s Seafood & Pasta. The fee will be $40. Each Parent will sell 60 $2.00 Raffle tickets during the 3 month Course.  All funds go towards the New Building Fund that we are campaigning for. 

Sewing projects can enhance hand eye coordination skills and improve finger skills needed for learning to write in young children.  Even simple sewing skills need for sewing on buttons or embellishments, can boost creativity and keep the mind busy. Learning to sew at a young age gives children a fun, creative, and useful talent that gives lifelong pleasure.

During the course, I will be teaching the students table Etiquette consisting of in home and Restaurant procedures. I will also be teaching how to set up a table and how to conduct you’re self while dining. They will learn the Importance of Respect, Common Courtesy and embracing their royal identity. In today’s world with so many meetings being held at Restaurants settings. These life skills will prepare the students on how to conduct themselves in public settings.  I have showcased the table etiquette & phone etiquette course in a number of schools and groups already. As well as on Channels 11 & Fox 45 news stations. With your help we can reach and teach as many of our youth as possible.