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Felder House, Inc
Linda Felder
President/Chief Executive Officer
                  "Our mission is to nurture children 'BACK TO THE BASIC LIFE SKILLS' with a taste of the arts."
      I, Linda Felder started a business in 1991 by the name of Design-N-Sew.  I started in the Cherry Hill community designing couture and 1 of kind designs which consisted of proms and Wedding gowns. I also made school uniforms for #164 Arundel Elementary in 1992.  My sewing training started from childhood under the proper care of my mother Gloria Redding and a private Muslim school I attended thanks to my father Johnnie Felder who instilled basic life skills at childhood :   "Who knew that one day this would be my purpose in life".
 As a teen I took Home Economics from grade 9-12 at Carter G. Woodson  Middle and Southern High School where at the age of 16 i graduated. I then went on to ful fill my dreams at the Community College of Baltimore for Fashion Design which prepared me to design clothes for Travis Winkey, Glynn Jackson, and John Blassinggame “Fashion Shows”. I've  produced Fashion shows at many venues in Maryland, Washington DC,, New Jersey, Atlanta, including Miami; teaching the youth Traveling Etiquette while Modeling.  
     In 1993 I the philanthropist Linda Felder founded a program that services and cater  to both male and female adolescents. We teach from the ages 4-17, who resides in Baltimore and its surrounding communities. We are trying to reach out and serve the poorest of the poor.
The  problem of troubled youth is the biggest threat of the future of the United States. The amazing thing about this problem is that we know what the solution is. A relationship with a caring adult, teacher, mentor, coach, or a parent. The youth around us need our help so our sole reason for existence is to supply the youth of today with the most needed programs that will offer a positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives, coupled with inclusive weekly planned activities in a learning environment that promotes their best effort,  confidence and reinforce personal respect.
 In 2004 the non-profit organization' Linda Felder House of Etiquette, Inc'. came into existence in Catonsville, MD. where I've taught Sewing, Etiquette, Modeling and Physical Awareness to the youth. I taught these courses at Lombard Middle, City Spring Elementary, Lake Clifton, New Era Academy,B-More youth, Waxters Girls Detention Center, Boys and Girls Club, Westport Community Recreation Center, and Signature Ink. 2016, I will be teaching at Cherry Hill Community Center.
Google Linda Felder and you will see a Fashion Show that I produced for the" Runway of  Artscape 2007 and 2008"introducing my students who showcased their Modeling, Etiquette and Knowledge of the sewing machine in front of hundreds of participants. I also Make garments and do Alterations etc. to support the Felder House Enterprise. 
  I also Partnered with “We care and Friends” at the Stanton Center in Annapolis for their summer program. I volunteer my services by teaching the young girls and Boys my Etiquette Course.
  Now being located in the Heart of the City, North Ave. I've coached hundreds of young girls and boys Life skills that they will need to prepare them for their Future dreams and goals along with my Instructors, For example. :   Arts,  Dance,  Drama, Vocal,  Karate,  Physical Awareness, Academics, Financial  Literacy, Computers Graphics,  Spanish,  Black History, Health/CPR and Conflict resolution.
   On March of 2010, I became a Certified Etiquette Instructor from “The Etiquette Institute” in St. Louis, Missouri under the guidance of the published Author "Maria Everding". I started a For Profit Business” Felder House, Inc.” in the year 2011. I am looking for Sponsors to support at risk children in the Baltimore Metropolitan area and also reaching out to Day cares, Schools, Churches and other organizations. My purpose is to reach as many at risk youth as possible with these tools to succeed in life with my Board Members, Instructors, Parents, Family, Volunteers and Sponsors.
 My Protégé, Tiarra Dorsey, a Graduate of the Felder House, Inc. who was only 2 years old when she modeled down the runway like a pro 15yrs ago at the inner Harbor. She became very interested in fashion shows and giving the opportunity to show off her modeling skills in an International Prince & Princess Pageant in 2007 in Connecticut where she won 1st runner up over hundreds of contestants. I coached her on how to present herself as a young lady preparing her to travel abroad. She went on to a” People to People International program “to Paris, France the summer of 2010.
The Felder House has started a Fashion Design School for the youth where we will be manufacturing personalized Garment bags for sale to the public where part of the proceeds will go towards sponsoring the parents and their children for the Etiquette program at the "Health Care for the Homeless."   
 I am on the Board of  WINN ( Women in NAACP) ran by President Madam Tessa Hill- Ashton. I will be working with different types of organization within the group to teach Etiquette to our youth.
 Mr. Harrison Hill the creator of a new television program entitled "Mean Mrs. Brown" featuring Kool Kidz 4 Change has partnered with the Felder House, Inc. to give tips on Etiquette to your child once a month on his television program (channel 206 on Comcast, 265 on Direct TV and Baltimore city channel 45-2) from 8:30 - 9:00 am.

 Look out for the Felder  House, Inc. youth as we grow and mentor throughout the state of Maryland!
Linda Felder cell- 410-746-6345 * 1268 E. North Ave. Baltimore, Md. 21202 
linda@felderhouse.com  www.Felderhouse.com